Delightful view from the window to a clean street

Design Ideas

Design Ideas

Just because you have a certain style of window now doesn’t mean you have to replace it with exactly the same style. Replace an old picture window with a bay or bow window. Trade a kitchen slider for a garden window. Add ventilation or view or drama. We custom build every window, so almost anything is possible.

So how do you go about deciding what to replace a window with? Here are five things to consider.

Frame Type & Color

Milgard offers a wide selection of windows that offer traditional and contemporary looks. A good place to start is by selecting the materials that will give you the design qualities, price and performance you want. Milgard offers many designs and choices in vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass and wood-clad windows and patio doors.

Style & Shapes

Each window has a specific purpose or advantage. For example, horizontal sliders are popular for their ease of use and contemporary style. Perhaps a picture window and the maximum visibility it provides is more to your liking. To create a unique look, you can even combine different window styles, shapes and sizes.

Glass & Grids

The glass you choose is as important as the frame it’s in. The right glass can control the sun’s heat, reduce harmful UV rays that fade carpet and furniture, and even lower your energy bills. Our standard class, SunCoat® Low-E is anything but standard in providing all these benefits. Use our optional grids to create a distinctive look.

Hardware Options

All Milgard window hardware is tailor-made for our systems. All our window hardware meets, or exceeds, the strictest forced entry codes – providing safety and security for your family year-round.

Specialty Windows

Looking to add a signature touch to your home? Want more natural light to brighten your surroundings? A skylight, garden window, dramatic bay, or bow window are all beautiful solutions.